Garden Culture Magazine Rudolfshausen Castle

„With this special edition of the series „Cultural Magazine Castle Rudolfshausen“ we cover the transformation of the “big garden Earth” to the “culture of gardens”. As a matter of fact the cultural history of mankind is closely connected with this transformation, man starting as indigenous moving to cultivated and remodeling a variety of the original nature to fruit and vegetable gardens as well as flower gardens. By doing this, elaborate garden creations or vast agricultural areas were created which did not correspond with the ecological principals any more. Many castle gardens became part of this transformation where the art of gardening was more important than ecology.
Furthermore, we write about the transformation of the castle garden of Rudolfshausen from a savaged, meager, lagging countryside garden to a vital, ecological, high-value and magical castle garden pleasing all – men, animals, plants and Mother Earth.
The publishers
Helene und Alexandra Walterskirchen“
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Ecological and climate neutral print
(Out of print)

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