Helene Walterskirchen

Helene Walterskirchen is an author of non-fiction books, a publicist, a cultural mentor, a cultural philosopher and a cultural avant-gardist. Further she is the founder and head of the PEACE CULTURE CENTRE RUDOLFSHAUSEN CASTLE.

Helene Walterskirchen wrote several non-fiction books which were published with trade publishers as well as her private publishing house “Adma Publications”, among others: “Princesses – 3rd millenium’s fairytale figures” (Original German title: „Prinzessinnen – Märchenfiguren des 3. Jahrtausends“), “Germany’s first ladies – at the side of power” (Original German title: “An der Seite der Macht”), “Do not argue – win” (Original German title: “Streite dich nicht – Gewinne”), “Peace knights – to live and win with the power of peace” (Original title in German: “Friedensritter – Mit der Kraft des Friedens leben und gewinnen”), “Inside the mega-game of the universe – “Homo Ludens’” game of life in a universe of gaming worlds and orchestrations” (Original title in German: „Im Mega-Spiel des Universums – Das Lebensspiel des „Homo Ludens“ in einem Universum der Spielwelten und Inszenierungen“. Besides Helene Walterskirchen is author and publicist of the exclusive collection “CULTURE MAGAZINE RUDOLFSHAUSEN CASTLE”, which she initiated in 2014.

In 2004, Helene Walterskirchen, together with some like-minded beings, founded the popular education and culture association AdmaCUM e.V. which she has been heading as first chairwoman since then.

Helene Walterskirchen is an avant-gardist of a high-quality life and social culture which is characterised by a peace-oriented lifestyle. In order to strengthen education in peace culture and peace art she created the folk art project „The Peace Banner“ in 2010 and expanded it into the project „Students paint for peace“ in 2016, which involves peace painting contests in schools and regular „Peace Art“ exhibitions.


Alexandra Walterskirchen

Alexandra Walterskirchen, born in Munich, has lived with her mother Helene, an author, publicist and culture mentor in Rudolfshausen castle since 2011. By birth Alexandra is highly-talented, highly-sentient and highly-sensitive (HSP) as well as empathic. She is a philosopher, yoga teacher and peace empath.
Alexandra Walterskirchen has been the co-founder of and treasurer in the charitable culture and education association AdmaCUM e.V. since 2004; she works as a peace empath in the PEACE CULTURE CENTRE RUDOLFSHAUSEN CASTLE, a section of AdmaCUM e.V., and advises the management and board in all matters of strife, conflict and peace.
She is an author and co-publisher of the culture collector’s edition „Kultur-Magazin Schloss Rudolfshausen“, which was initiated by her mother in 2014. Her main topics of interest are Yoga, wholistic health, sustainable & ecological living, vegan diet, alternative lifestyles, literature, ancient cultures and metaphysics.
An explanation of HSP:
The expression HSP (“highly sensitive person”) originates from Dr. Elaine N. Aron, a US psychotherapist and university professor who opened the term to the public by means of her books. High sensibility (where persons react stronger than the average towards emotions and impulses and perceive them and process them in a much stronger way than others) is regarded as a special form of exceptional talent just as well as high sensitivity (strong perception via the 6th and 7th sense, intuition, philosophy, metaphysics).