My Home is my Castle – My Garden is my Paradise.
(Mein Haus ist meine Burg – Mein Garten ist mein Paradies)

When Helene and Alexandra Walterskirchen moved in the Castle Rudolfshausen in 2011 the castle garden was savaged and run-down. In spring 2012 a huge 3-weeks lasting clearing action was carried out. Now the garden was ready for a new garden concept.

Instead of an artful late baroque garden which would have been the appropriate solution regarding the construction year of the castle (1580 to 1581), Helene and Alexandra Walterskirchen decided for a compound of flower and kitchen garden along the principles of the perma culture.

The broken-down garden should become alive again by building diversity and ecological balance in which men, animals and plants are connected and could serve each other. The “castle owners“ created a unique garden concept with subject areas which was implemented within two years with the support of a market gardening and where both were personally helping to make this happen.
By doing so a magic subject garden was created with many different areas:

Permaculture Area

Mythology Area

Medicinal Plant Area

Kitchen Garden Area

Pond Area (Biotope)

Botanic Nature Trail

The castle garden can be visited by private persons or groups upon previous registration. The castle owner is pleased to guide you personally through her garden paradise.