Re-entry into the constitutional cycle



von Helene Walterskirchen:

Editorial Pentecost-Edition

Culture-Magazine Schloss Rudolfshausen 2020



As we have shown in our cultural magazines III/2019, I/2020 and Easter Edition 2020 (online), this world and the countries within hold together what is called the CONSTITUTIONAL CIRCUIT. It is like a watch that is wound up or which runs on battery and therefore starts to run. It runs and runs and runs – as long as the spring is taut or the battery stores energy. At some point, however, the watch will stop if it is not wound up in time or a new battery inserted.

The Greek historian Polybios (born 200 BC) has described to us in detail what a constitutional cycle is and which stages or forms of government it goes through: at the beginning is the monarchy, in the end there is democracy and its degeneration, the ochlocracy. Incidentally, the constitutional cycle according to Polybios is also taught at our universities today. Ancient Greek and Roman scholars, philosophers and statesmen such as Cicero, Aristotle or Plato also speak of the constitutional cycle, whereby they largely agree with Polybios. They agree that after the ochlocracy, unless a new beginning is found in the constitutional cycle, there will be a tyranny of terror. Scholars, philosophers, and authors of all time describe very well, what the latter could look like, e.g. Aldous Huxley or Igor Rostislawowitsch Schafarewitsch. They also had their say in our above-mentioned cultural magazines with excerpts from their works or dystopias.

In the following, I would like to briefly point out and raise awareness of the importance of the constitutional cycle and the respective constitutional forms:

A constitutional cycle is like the hardware of a computer; the constitutional form is the software. Without hardware and software, the computer would not work, even if you had the most amazing subprograms.

What we have today is that although the hardware is still there, the software has expired. It has had its time. Now, its time is up and the main program no longer works. This means that all imported subprograms are also not functional.

Let us put it succinctly: Our constitution-computer still runs somehow, but is on the blink, sometimes extremely. It is becoming increasingly apparent what outrageous data and instructions our computer spits out. Therefore, more and more people speak about the increasing madness in which we find ourselves today. Violent criminals are acquitted, parking offenders are sentenced to ten years in prison; million-dollar fraudsters are „sponsored“ with government subsidies, small homeowners are expropriated by the state; women are forced to be men, men are forced to be women; lies are tolerated, truth is called something bad; politicians turn into rabble, rabble turns into politicians, etc.

The entire value system, which is connected with the constitutional cycle or the respective constitutional form, is disintegrating. There is great devaluation on all levels. The value of the family is devalued, the value of motherhood is devalued, the value of wisdom of old age is devalued, the value of honesty is devalued, the value of Christian teachings is devalued, the value of justice is devalued, the value of money is devalued, the value of the domestic economy is devalued, etc.

The invalidation and devaluation of high-value, traditional leads to an inadequate valorization of things that seem to be valuable today. Technology and technical progress are deified (nature is devalued in the same breath as imperfect), sexual freedom is glorified (modesty is devalued in the same breath as old-fashioned),  the equality of all people is highly stylized as an ideal (individuality is rejected as useless), godlessness is propagated as a sign of modernity (the belief in God is called backward humbug), abortion until birth is promoted (opponents of abortion are referred to as backward and dogmatic), immigrants are courted and favoured (natives, on the other hand are treated badly and disadvantaged), etc.

Wherever you look, you can see how the value system associated with the constitutional cycle or respective constitutional system disintegrates. It is like a house, where you remove one outer wall after another until only the inner skeleton is left. One can now watch the remains of the house collapse. Even the load-bearing walls and beams on the inside are of no help, because without the stable framework of the outer walls, no house can persist.

This is also the case with a country without integration into the constitutional cycle or constitutional form respectively, which is within the constitutional cycle. This state of affairs is currently not only prevailing here in Germany, but in all countries of the world, because we have long since achieved one-world rule and, incidentally, the constitutional cycle always applies to the whole world and not just to one country. There are very few exceptions to this.  

More and more people are now waking up and recognizing the ominous path we are all on. They are looking for culprits, for the wicked, who want to subjugate and destroy them, but also for the bringer of salvation, the Messiah, who is to rescue them from everything and lead them back into a golden age. This however is not the solution we need now, nor will it save us from the dilemma.

We need to re-enter the constitutional cycle. We need to get the clock on the constitutional cycle running again; we need to import new constitutional software into our computer. This is the only way we can get back into order. An order that no longer exists at the moment, and which makes us all fair game for criminals and villains who are up to mischief with us.

We need a new state and social system that is within the constitutional cycle. Our task is to create such a new state and social system. There are experts in our society – be it in the field of economy, finance, state order, education, family, health, agriculture, etc. – who have long been delved into developing new, promising concepts of state and society, which, although currently still utopias, can be refined at any time to the point where they can be implemented.

We cannot stand still in resistance or nagging, but we must focus on the future and consider how things can and must continue, so that not only we, but also the next generations can live again a normal, orderly, value-oriented, and liberal life.


Helene Walterskirchen April 2020

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This article was translated into English by Ansgar Beckstedde, Hongkong