Donate to support our non-profit educational and cultural work and promote our cultural projects, which contribute to a social climate of peace, a high-quality ethical culture, a respectful attitude towards all beings of this planet and towards earth itself, which in turn acknowledges and values all beings as the highest good.

All of our culture projects are either charitable or non-profit oriented, and only geared towards self-sustainability. In doing so, we follow the Righteous Distribution Rule, which mutually supports each other to work together for an ethical and meaningful lifestyle, according to the motto: the stronger supports the weaker, but the message and mission of both are equally valuable and both multiply through the path of commonality to a greater power.

The Education and Culture Association AdmaCUM e.V. was registered on 4.8.2004 in the Register of Associations Munich (Germany), VR Nr. 18574. Our association recognized as a nonprofit due to the promotion of culture and public education according to the the exemption decision from 7.1.2015 of the tax office Kaufbeuren, St.No. 12/107/0331. This enables the association to issue donation receipts for incoming donations.

Please transfer your donation by bank transfer to Commerzbank München:

Recipient: AdmaCUM e.V.
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