The culture of the royal nature and why egalitarianism can never bring about good

by Helene Walterskirchen:

The culture of the royal nature

Why egalitarianism can never bring about good





Every person is an individual being. Everyone is born into an individual family and social constellation. Everyone is born into a certain race. Everyone is born into a particular country or area. None of this happens by chance, but it bases upon a superior plan for our life and being.

Everyone has his or her own individual character, their own particular preferences, and interests, their own natural abilities. One is a born singer, while the other sings as weird as an out-of-tune violin. One is a born doctor, while the other faints at the sight of blood. One prefers the spiritual life, while the other prefers a worldly life. One loves to cook, the other is a lousy cook, but loves gardening.

We all are different and live in different circumstances, but those circumstances are intended and predetermined for us, so that we can develop and evolve as best as we can in this life. Life is a great opportunity to perfect and refine ourselves – provided we have the appropriate frame conditions and cultural foundation to make this possible.

This makes us aware that a policy of egalitarianism, as is increasingly strived for today, cannot and will not work. You cannot turn an oak tree into a palm tree! No cutting, irradiation, hypnosis or gender reassignment will help. The oak tree will always remain an oak tree! The only thing that can happen is that the tree gets sick and dies. However, it will not die as a palm tree, but as an oak tree, because the programming and the wood of the oak tree are engraved into it. It is a pity for the beautiful oak tree, which by its nature could have developed into a magnificent tree, if others had not tried with all their might to transform it into a palm tree.

There are people who by nature are predisposed that they have a special sense and skill in certain areas of life or society. For example, one person is skillful for administration, the other for organization, another for the order sector or education system. With their individual disposition, these people could be ideal leaders or executive staff in the respective areas. However, if they are deployed in areas for which they are not predestined, they will only do service by the book and will never be able to develop their true potential.

Some people are gruff others are sensible. Some people are able to see things in the big picture, others only in the small. Some people are what they call cultivated, and others do not care about civilized mode of behavior. Some people live virtues, while others reject virtues as old-fashioned. Some people are gentle and peaceful beings, while others are violent and aggressive beings. This enumeration of the differences between people could continue indefinitely and yet it would only go on repeatedly: To show how different people are.

So anyone who claims that all people are equal is simply terribly mistaken. Those who have taken up the cause of transforming our humanity so that it is nothing more than “pure pabulum”, sin against what is called the „nature of individuality“ and its aspiration to develop and evolve in this life.

One cannot transform the entire diversity of trees on planet Earth into a single oak forest! This is against nature. This is waist of effort. The people who want to accomplish this are chasing an illusion that will never and can never be realized. Even the greatest oppression and brainwashing will not make this possible.

Let us realize that the diversity of different people is something wonderful, which creation of nature has arranged. Creation quasi gives us different types of people who receive from nature, what they can and should bring into the human community for the benefit of all.

For example, a person who is naturally musically gifted, and when he develops his talent, gives the community wonderful music that can uplift, comfort, heal, and delight the soul. For example, those who have a teaching talent by nature and develop their talent, give education and knowledge to the community. On the other hand, those who inherently have responsibility for protecting the community in their nature, when they develop their talent, give the community protection and security.

Therefore, there are people in our society who have a royal nature or royal talents by nature. What is a „royal talent“?

It is an innate ability to see, perceive, decide, and act in a large, overarching context. „Normal“ people, on the other hand, have a limited horizon; they look from the ground floor of their family home garden to the nearest garden fence. Those with a royal talent have an unlimited horizon, as if they were sitting on a high mountain peak, giving them a view of the country and the world.

A royal talent also includes the ability and willingness to take on and bear responsibility for other people, and even more so, for an entire nation. Like a father or mother, the royal leader feels a special care, benevolence for the people entrusted to him or her, to promote their development and evolvement and to enable them with the best possible frame conditions. The royal leader is capable of thinking, feeling, and acting for the good of the people entrusted to him or to her. He or she puts the well-being of his or her people above his or her own well-being.

The royal leader, like a father or mother, are for their children a role model of virtues and ethical values, which all people of their nation can orientate themselves to. He / she are a guiding figure for the commonality, his / her „children“. The royal leader is absolutely credible and authentic in everything. Unlike many other leaders in this world, he / she do not wear a mask, but he / she are the fatherly / motherly monarch through and through, who has a heart for his / her „children“.

In every nation, in every society, there are always people being born with a royal nature or royal talents. In order that they can develop their talents in the best possible way, they are born into the appropriate family and social constellations. Royal talents are very often inherited through bloodlines. Thus, the royal talent of their ancestors, who were already in royal leadership positions, is passed on to them. However, in order for the royal nature or royal talents to develop and evolve fully as they grow up, they need the appropriate upbringing and education of the family or parents and a special lifestyle respectively to develop a royal character and consciousness and to introduce them to the future leadership role.

The person who brings a royal talent into this life possesses the ability of royal visioning and can create the appropriate visions for his people entrusted to him that bring blessings to his people, but he is not necessarily the one who puts his visions into practice in everyday life. Instead, he has a staff of co-workers around him, whom he selects based on his special feeling for people and their area talent and virtue.

The person who has a royal talent is also the supreme philosopher of his people, who philosophically considers the issues that concern his people and treats them with the supreme wisdom of philosophy. He is the righteous, truthful, loving father of his people, who wants the best for his people, guarding and protecting them, and yet he can be strict when necessary.

When we speak of a royal leader, we do not mean an absolutist monarch who exploits and oppresses his people – for his own benefit and advantage – but a royal leader who corresponds to what is called „primal kingship or primal monarchy“. We will discuss this in more detail in the course of this edition.

Let us recognize the following: Instead of being envious of those who have a royal nature or royal talents by nature, while everyone else is „just normal“, we should be grateful that there are people with a royal talent who are able and willing to put themselves at the service of their people. Nothing better can happen to the commonality than a royal leader whose heart beats for his people and who, like a benevolent father (a benevolent mother), is committed to the well-being of „his children“.

Conclusion: We human beings need leadership that creates the best possible frame conditions for us to develop and evolve our individual nature, so that we can refine ourselves in this life as free beings. The leadership that we have at present cannot do this, and even more that, it will never be able to do so, since current leaders have neither a royal nature nor royal talents. At a time when so-called „democracy“ is increasingly turning into an ochlocracy (rule of government by the mob), it is time that we remember something called „primal kingship“ or „primal monarchy“.


Helene Walterskirchen


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