Midsummer-impressions from the Castle Rudolfshausen Garden


The non-profit garden culture center Schloss Rudolfshausen is a section of the non-profit cultural and educational association Admacum e.V.

Our experimental permaculture cultivation shows it: you can mix a well-tended castle garden with an overgrown permaculture garden and thus create your very own ecological garden symbiosis that resembles a divine cornucopia. This brings you a big step closer to self-sufficiency with natural, vitamin-rich greens, fruit and vegetables – our goal. Humans can learn to understand nature better, to treat it with respect and to subordinate themselves to the wisdom of nature.

View through our castle garden in the northern tree area

Guiding motto for our garden philosophy:

  • Permaculture – free of pesticides and herbicides,
  • mixed culture – no monoculture,
  • Create an ecosystem in the garden – „weed“ and „pest plagues“ are a thing of the past,
  • As a gardener, intervene as little as possible in the growth and care of the plants – let the plants do their own thing.
  • Having to move away from daily or constant watering – no more bare earth, but covered soil with a carpet of plants.
  • This creates an unbelievable abundance of edibles in the garden: berries of all kinds, greens of all kinds, wild herbs, culinary herbs, edible herbs, fruit of all kinds, vegetables of all kinds.

With the following photos we want to guide you through our castle garden for the midsummer festival and inspire you to discover the beauty and wisdom of nature, because it is balm for the mind, soul and body of people.

Now it is main strawberry season and you can pick them every day from different places in the castle garden. A delicious delicacy for the lunch table. Here castle and garden team member Tanja Berg harvesting.

The summer raspberries are already hanging full of fruits in various places in the castle garden and we can look forward to a rich harvest. They are fixed by the sticky herb.

Our okra plants in the Haygrove garden tunnel – they need to be very warm and would not grow outdoors (we tried unsuccessfully last year) – bear abundant fruit so we can eat from them every day. Friends of Egypt may know the mild vegetable from a vacation there; the homeland of okra is Africa.

Here is our absolute favorite salad substitute (we don’t even grow lettuce because it is always snail food): Vegetable logs and, behind them, vegetable mallow

Recently laid out in the meadow area behind the castle to secure our zucchini and pumpkin harvest for autumn and over winter: self-grown young plants (we generally do not buy young plants in garden centers, as they are often weak and sickly and wither).

Our 10-year-old grapevine at the outdoor seating area has grown beautifully again this year and is already bearing the vines for fruit in autumn. We were able to eat blue grapes until Christmas last year.

Hard to believe, but true: our young peach trees in the palace garden, which we planted two years ago, are bearing very beautiful and abundant fruit this year. We put them in protective bags to protect them from birds and other insects.

Water and splashing should not be missing in a castle garden: here our small pond and our swimming pond with fountains, filled with our own well water.

We have given our permaculture garden a new name: Divine Abundance Garden, because we can enjoy the abundance that “falls at our feet” almost everywhere in the garden. And despite a tight work program, there is always time to pause and say a little prayer of thanks. And of course, a tea break by the pond or outdoor seating should not be missing …

Your plant fairies
Helene und Alexandra Walterskirchen

Enjoy your summertime – enjoy your gardening time!



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