Where to go to the “Heavenly World”?



by Helene Walterskirchen


Holy Mary with the Child Jesus (painting in the bark chapel in Holzhausen)



When asked whether someone would rather live in a „hell world“ or in a „heaven world“, many people would certainly answer: „Of course in a heaven world!“

A heavenly world is imagined in glistening divine light, a world where there is neither illness nor death, where there are neither sorrows nor plagues, where God rules everything with a firm yet benevolent hand and the beings are humbly devoted to Him, pray to Him, praise Him. A place of absolute truth and justice and peaceableness …. Where there is no devil, no demons, no murderers, no Satanists, no criminals, no warmongers, no child molesters, no sadists, etc., as is the case in the world of hell.

Let us pause for a moment. But it is exactly these dark figures who live in our world! Or rather do their mischief in this world! Their number is considerable. That is why this world we live in is a hell world. It is ruled by Lucifer or Satan and their princes of darkness. In this world everyone is allowed to lie and cheat and do evil as he pleases. Only telling the truth, being honest and doing good selflessly is not welcome here. Everyone is allowed to worship and serve Lucifer or Satan and the idols, but not God or Jesus Christ or Mary. Everyone is allowed to enjoy themselves in the satanic temples of sin, but going to the churches and celebrating Holy Mass and the missal sacrifice (according to the old rite) is not allowed.

So that the people living in the hell world do not get the crisis and run away from them, the constructors of the hell world have created an attractive stage world in which people like to live. It is all reminiscent of the classic American „The Truman Show“. You should have seen this film because it shows the stage and fiction in which people’s lives take place:

The central figure of the film is the insurance clerk Truman Burbank, who, unbeknownst to him, is the main actor in a television series that aims to document a person’s life from birth and present it via live broadcast on television (Simulated Reality). For this purpose, Christof, the producer of the series, had Truman adopted as a baby by his company and had Seaheaven, a coastal town surrounded by water, built under a huge dome. Seaheaven is an idyllic, harmless small town with simulated weather, starry skies, sun and moon. Truman grows up here, surrounded by actors, observed daily by over 5,000 cameras. Everything serves a commercial purpose, of course, because an enormous amount of money is made with the soap opera, which is broadcast live 24 hours a day all over the world. It is only after more than 29 years that Truman slowly becomes suspicious and begins to see his environment and fellow human beings with different eyes, noticing strange things that are signs that his world is not the world he thought it was for 29 years …

Just like Truman, more and more people are feeling like him today: they wake up and begin to see their world with different eyes. They see things that do not add up, that contradict each other, that are only dummies and are by no means the solid constructions they are made out to be; they see the threads that run between certain people and that are like a spider’s web, a spiderweb of lies and deceit; they see criminal methods being operated for the benefit of a certain class of society; they see the satanic fingerprints in many areas of social, political and ecclesiastical life; they see that this world is not as beautiful as one would like to present it, but that it is in reality an ugly dummy. Only the people who are still asleep do not see any of this. They continue to believe that this world is a beautiful world.

The plot in the film „The Truman Show“ continues with Truman deciding one day that he wants to get out of this artificial world. But how? Seaheaven is surrounded by a sea and Truman has had a panic, even mortal fear of the sea since his childhood when his “father” died in a boating accident. He doesn’t know that this was staged at the time specifically to prevent him from escaping from the artificial world. Truman realizes that if he does not overcome this fear, he will never be able to escape from his previous world.

The strength to do so is given to him by a woman who is not from his world, but from the „real“ world, whom he met and fell in love with some time ago. He desperately wants to get to her, but to do this he has to get out of his world beforehand, because her world is in another world and he has to get to it first. Truman suspects, there must be a gate somewhere through which he can reach freedom. And so, he embarks on the dangerous crossing over the sea in a sailboat. …

Today, there are also people who would like to leave this world for another. They are not thinking of emigrating, but of more, because in other countries of the world, too, the same chaotic or destructive living conditions prevail as here. If they knew how to get to a heavenly world, they would rush here in droves. Like Truman, these people are also afraid of taking this world-change step. Perhaps they don’t want to give up their familiar and seemingly safe lives, perhaps they are afraid of leaving a loved one, perhaps they are afraid of the new and fear what awaits them.

But set against this is the view of this world in which we now live. A world that is getting worse and worse and in which the C. pandemic and the lockdowns rule everything and make any „normal“ life impossible. There is no change or improvement in sight. On the contrary. Dark clouds lie over the future, saddening and weighing down the hearts and souls of the people.

Here a woman can help us, in whose energy field of divine love we can enter: The Holy Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. She is the great sign in the sky that leads the Christian army in the battle versus Satan. She is the victor in all God’s battles. Especially at the end of time, she stands as the final remedy that God gives to the world. This is already foretold in the secret revelation: “A great portent appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.“ (Revelation 12.1) „Through Mary the salvation of the world has begun, through her it will also be completed.” (Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort)

Mary, the Mother, Mary the pure Virgin, Mary, the Queen of Heaven, she is the source of the unique feminine strength from which we can draw. Mary, that is not the masculine striving for success, power and fame, but the feminine striving for motherhood, for care, for comfort, for the outpouring of warmth and security, but also for wisdom, for prudence, for foresight in all decisions and advices. It is also the lioness that dwells within her, fighting for her cubs, protecting and defending them while dealing mercilessly with her enemies. Her greatest “weapon” is the Rosary, which she makes available to the knights of her army in this world and with which amazing miracles already have been performed.

One such knight was the Franciscan friar, Brother Maximilian Kolbe, who was born as Rajmund Kolbe in 1894 in Zdunska Wola near Lodz in Poland and was murdered in the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1941. He had a particularly strong connection to the Immaculata and founded the Knighthood of the Immaculate, the „Militia Immaculata“ in 1917.

For more information on the Militia Immaculatae, visit the website: https://m-i.info/de/geschichtliche-entwicklung-der-mi/


Screenshot from the „Militia Immaculatae“ – Trailer

A wonderful short film on the Militia Immaculatae can be found at the following link: https://vimeo.com/366948342

A two-minute trailer was created from this short film, which is a must-see and is available on YouTube. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIb48bfHzX8